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Photo Gallery



A class of marine Mollusk that is easily identifiable by the presence of its tentacles. There are nearly 800 known living species comprised of octopus, squid, cuttlefish, and nautilus. They are regarded as the most intelligent of the invertebrates and posses many unique characteristics.

Select from the dropdowns above to see photos of particular types of Cephalopods. Click on a photo for more details and larger views.

Giant Pacific OctopusGPO on the TrawlerGiant Pacific Octopus
Giant Pacific OctopusWhite OctopusWhite Octopus
Ruby Octopusfemale pacific octapus with eggsStubby Squid
Stubby SquidStubby Squid EggsGPO
Giant Pacific OctopusRuby OctopusStubby Squid
Stubby SquidSquidGPO
Humbolt SquidStubby Squidstubby squid
Giant Pacific Octopus in DenOctopus DenGPO
GPOGiant Pacific OctopusGPO on Waterman's Wall
GPO Giant Pacific OctopusGiant Pacific Octopus
Giant Pacific OctopusImmer with a Giant Pacific OctopusGPO (Giant Pacific Octopus)
GPO in DenOctopusGiant Pacific Octopus in it's den
Octopus in it's DenStubby SquidStubby Squid
Stubby SquidStubby SquidRuby Octopus
Tiny OctopusOctopus BottleStubby Squid
OctopusStubby Squid SwimmingStubby Squid
Stubby Squid EggsSmall OctopusBaby Octopus
Giant OctopusOctopus
GPOBig n littleJeremy and his new dive partner
Octopus in his bedSmall Octopus at Redondo

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