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Photo Gallery


Diver Lifestyle

Enjoy photos of stunning underwater scenes, inspiring landscapes and entertaining SCUBA diver photos.

Select from the dropdowns above to see photos of Diver Lifestyles. Click on a photo for more details and larger views.

Solstice diveWDC
Sandy ShlevingSandy ShlevingTop of 100ft Rock
100ft Rock SunsetAgate Beach County ParkBarge Remains
Barge RemainsBarge RemainsOriginal Tire Reef
Buoy AnchorsSaltwater State Park EntryDiver surfacing to rough water
School of RockfishSkiffDiver on the Trawler at Sund Rock
Buoy at SunriseNorthern Cove of Deception IslandRob at the Toliva Shoal Marker
Sekiu reefImmer after diving Fox Island East WallVOLCANIC ASH INSTEAD OF SANY BOTTOM
Bills Big-UnBig LingcodJim, Jeremy and Donnie Spear Fishing
Puget Sound Spear FishingJerem'y 15lb CabazonJim's 20lb Ling
Jesse's First BloodHood Canal PinnacleDiver on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Tacoma Narrows East SideShilshole Bay Vertical BargeMatt on the Anchor Line
Dive Day on the BoatsCleatDeck Junk
Hatch Shilshole Bay Horizontal Barge. Rob on the Wreck
Diver on the WreckPossession Point Ferry WreckPoint Richmond Minesweeper
Point Richmond MinesweeperPoint Richmond MinesweeperPoint Richmond Minesweeper
NetMachineryGrace Foss Timbers
BoilerFire BricksS.S. Burton
Burton BoilerThe OrcaDeck of The Orca
Orca RudderComet ReefStructure
Wreck StructureDeck of the CometRanger
ChainThe RangerBow of the Alaska Reefer
From the hull of the Alaska ReeferFrom the holds of the Alaska ReeferIntersection of the Alaska Reefer and Barge
Barge ribs at the Alaska ReeferDockton Tricabin InstrumentsOutboard Motor
Deck of the Quartermaster WreckLadder on Quartermaster WreckAnna Foss
Lamp on Docton CruiserDockton CruiserInstruments
Captain's PlaqueManufacturer's PlaqueControl Panel
Todd and Alynn at Ririe ReservoirFishing TrawlerMetridium on the Reef
Cabin CruiserTen Mile Point Reef
Saxe PointEntry PointNursery
McKenzie BightRob on the Wall
Race Rocks ReefMermaidJeremy on the G B Church
BridgeCargo HoldLadder
Entry PointMemorial of Susan PengellyPerfect Buoyancy Control
Handicap ParkingRob at the Geo-DomeSampling of Waterman's Wall
Immer's First Wall DiveDerelict Fish NetAlynn Becraft at Pinnacle Rock
Metridium Wall in Blakely HarborPosing with a LingcodO.K.!
Mark V Under WaterFrom the SurfaceShallow Water
Exiting the waterChris Pattillo Sporting a Mark VJeremy Chevalier Post Dive
Chris PattilloJeremy ChevalierGirl Diver in the Mark V
Mark VEntryChris Suited Up
Mark V Helmet TagMark V HelmetRob Loer: Jungle Diver!
SunriseHoles in the DeckSouthern Wreck at Gordon Point Park
Northern Wreck at Gordon Point ParkBroken MastLingcod fishing
Life on Browning WallFish on Des Moines WreckFerry buoy - Tied to wreck
Todd preparing for dive #100!Barge Wall Close-upPawai Arches
Kaloko ArchesJeremy at Middle ReefJeremy at Middle Reef
Diver at Point LobosMonastery Kelp ForestLittle Help, Please?!
The Perfect DIve team at MonasteryRock Scallop on Butterfly House ReefThe Boss
The BossRob and The BossWhaler
PinnaclesEntry Point to Monastery SouthBottom Contour
Monastery North Shore Dive EntryHands-On Tide PoolsVolunteer Diver
Metridium at TitlowSund Rock reefWreck at Sund Rock
BuddahWalt AmidonHornby Island, BC
Todd at TitlowSchool of FishBelize
Lake ChelanRob free diving to 51Todd chillin
Life in Blakely HarborChannel MarkerAgate Pass Exit Point
Agate Pass Entry PointAgate Pass Drift CourseFishing Platform
Alki Boat Launch Docks
Hull of the Des Moines WreckPull Out
Divers on the WallClear Water!View from Alki Cove 1
Junkyard Entry PointSalt CreekRobs Crack
Blakely Rock
End of the Line
Day Island Shore Entry
Titlow Beach

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Battleship Island west side
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Scenic Beach State park
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Fox Island, East Wall
Point Whitney
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