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Photo Gallery


*Misc. Fish

This category includes everything commonly thought of as 'Fish', ranging from freshwater to marine habitats. Scientifically referred to as Osteichthyes, meaning they have bones, gills used for breathing, swim bladders to help them obtain neutral buoyancy, and fins for motion. There are over 27,000 different known living species of Fishes.

Select from the dropdowns above to see photos of particular types of Fishes. Click on a photo for more details and larger views.

Sand LanceNorthern RonquilLumpsucker
CodNorthern RonquilMarbled Snailfish
Plainfin MidshipmanPacific Spiny LumpsuckerSpiny Lumpsucker
Spiny LumpsuckerLargemouth BassLarge Bluegill
SunfishCatfishYellow Tail Snappers
parrot fishBarge BrowserPacific Spiny Lumpsucker
Pacific Spiny LumpsuckerNorthern RonquilNorthern Ronquil
SheepheadGaribaldiGiant Kelpfish
Catalina CongerPacific HerringBait Ball
Sand LanceSand LanceSpiny Lumpsucker
Spiny LumpsuckerButterfly Fish on the ReefFrog Fish
Spiny LumpsuckerSpiny LumpsuckerSpiny Lumpsucker
Spiny LumpsuckerPlainfin MidshipmanSnailFish
SnailFishSnail FishPacific Spiny Lumpsucker
Spiny Lumpsucker SwimmingLumpsuckerPacific Spiny Lumpsucker
Plainfin MidshipmanLumpsucker

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Bellingham Marine Park
Skyline Wall
Ed's Fault
Octopus Hole
Fox Island, West Wall
Grain Terminal
Sunnyside Beach
KVI Tower
Possesion Point Ferry
Salt Creek

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