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Photo Gallery


Scalyhead Sculpin  (Artedius harringtoni)

A common small sculpin that may be found in rocky tidepools or down to about 70' deep. They may grow up to 4" and vary greatly in color and even somewhat in shape depending on the sex. A few features make these identifiable compared to other similar sized sculpin.
  • Several cerri on forehead (females and immature males). Mature males have greatly enlarged plumed cerri behind each eye
  • Orange gills at base
  • Red spot on the top of the first two rays of the dorsal fin
  • Red bars radiating out from the eye
  • Single pronounced white spot at base of tail
Mature males undergo a change in the head shape and general pattern, producing an enlarged plumed cerri behind each eye, more robust head and enlarged teeth. Courting males will become territorial, even toward divers which is funny given their maximum size of 4".

Scalyhead SculpinMale Scalyhead SculpinScalyhead Sculpin
Scalyhead SculpinMature Male Scaly Head SculpinScalyhead Sculpin
Scalyhead SculpinScalyhead SculpinScalyhead Sculpin
Scalyhead SculpinSculpinSculpin
Hey!Scalyhead SculpinScalyhead Sculpin
SculpinSculpinCamouflaged Sculpin
Camouflaged SculpinSculpin

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