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Photo Gallery



This category includes everything commonly thought of as 'Fish', ranging from freshwater to marine habitats. Scientifically referred to as Osteichthyes, meaning that most have bones, gills used for breathing, swim bladders to help them obtain neutral buoyancy, and fins for motion, although some may break this rule in some aspects. There are over 27,000 different known living species of Fishes.

Buffalo sculpin guarding eggsLingcod Red Irish Lord
SculpinCopper Rockfish
Wolf EelVermilion RockfishWolf Eel
Vermilion RockfishWolf EelCopper Rockfish
Black Rockfish (Sebastes melanops)Black Eyed GobyTiger rockfish at Larry's Lair
Ling'In ParkScalyhead SculpinWolf Eel
Red Irish LordCrescent GunnelsHigh Cockscomb
Male Scalyhead SculpinRed Irish LordSand Lance
CockscombJuvenile CabezonJuvenile Wolf Eel
Longfin GunnelNorthern RonquilSilver Spot Sculpin
Young Wolf EelTiger RockfishVermillion Rockfish
LumpsuckerRed Irish LordWhite Spotted Greenling
CodRed Irish LordSaddle-back Gunnel
Red Irish LordPadded SculpinScalyhead Sculpin
Young of the Year RockfishPainted Greenling
Black RockfishJuvenile Yellow Eye RockfishTiger Rockfish
small rock fish Anemonie and bottom structureCrescent GunnelJuvenile Wolf Eel
Decorated WarbonnetNorthern RonquilSchool of Black Rockfish
Young LingcodBuffalo SculpinYoung Yellowtail Rockfish in Eel Grass
China RockfishChina RockfishRed Irish Lord
Female Kelp GreenlingMale Kelp Greenlingcopperback rockfish
PoacherSailfin SculpinRed Brotula
Red BrotulaMarbled SnailfishPacific Cod
Red BrotulaSnake PricklebackSailfin Sculpin
Plainfin MidshipmanRed BrotulaRed Brotula
Lingcod Black Eyed GobyPuget Sound Rockfish
Painted GreenlingLingcod Painted Greenling
Black RockfishFlatfish in the sandBlack-Eyed Goby
WarbonnetScalyhead SculpinRed Irish Lord
Mature Male Scaly Head SculpinMosshead WarbonnetScalyhead Sculpin
Decorated WarbonnetPainted GreenlingGreat Sculpin with LOTS of parasites
Young Quillback RockfishSilver Spotted SculpinSilver Spotted Sculpin
SculpinPacific CodSlender Cockscomb
Red Irish LordGrunt Sculpin
Rock SoleSilver Spotted SculpinScalyhead Sculpin
Wolf EelPacific Spiny LumpsuckerBuffalo Sculpin
Brown Rockfish (Sebates auriculatus)Scalyhead SculpinLingcod
Copper RockfishLingcod on the BargeQuillback Rockfish
Shiner Perch Brown Rockfish (Sebates auriculatus)Gunnel
Black Eyed GobyYellow-Eyed Rockfish - Juvenile Yellow-Eyed Rockfish - Juvenile
Copper RockfishRockfish Hiding in the WreckPainted Greenling
Kelp PerchBaby Red Irish LordKelp Perch
Scalyhead SculpinKelp PerchLingcod
High CockscombHigh CockscombStriped Perch
High CockscombStriped PerchStriped Perch
Penpoint GunnelsCrescent GunnelGunnel
Spiny LumpsuckerWrithing mass of GunnelsWolf Eel
Yellow Eye Rockfish (juvenile)Tiger RockfishWolf Eel
Grunt SculpinSpiny LumpsuckerLargemouth Bass
Large BluegillSunfishCatfish
Buffalo SculpinGreat SculpinGreat Sculpin
Great SculpinYellow Tail Snappersparrot fish
Barge BrowserRenegadePacific Spiny Lumpsucker
Mossy-Headed WarbonnetPacific Spiny LumpsuckerMossy-Headed Warbonnet
Wolf EelSaddle-back GunnelsSaddle-back Gunnel
Red Irish LordPainted GreenlingFeeding Wolf Eel
Brown Rockfish (Sebates auriculatus)Black Rockfish (Sebastes melanops)Padded Sculpin
Tube SnoutsSoft sculpin (Psychrolutes sigalutes)Tube Snouts
Soft sculpin (Psychrolutes sigalutes)PipefishBuffalo Sculpin
Grunt SculpinRed Irish LordWolf Eels
LingcodScalyhead SculpinJuvenile White Spotted Greenling
Brown RockfishQuillback RockfishBrown Rockfish
Penpoint GunnelPipefishYoung Striped Perch
Walleye PollockPipefishGreat "White" Sculpin
PipefishSoft sculpin (Psychrolutes sigalutes)Black-Eyed Goby
LingcodRock SoleMale Kelp Greenling
Juvenile Yellow-eye RockfishTiger RockfishTiger Rockfish
Painted GreenlingLongfin SculpinMale Kelp Greenling
Yellowtail RockfishCrescent GunnelNorthern Ronquil
Black-eyed GobyNorthern RonquilWhite Spotted Greenling
Copper RockfishPacific CodPainted Greenling
Young Copper Rockfish
SculpinJuvenile Kelp Greenling
Male Kelp GreenlingNorthern ClingfishFemale Kelp Greenling
Female Kelp GreenlingMale Kelp GreenlingCopper Rockfish
LingcodLing ProfileLing in shallows
Quillback on wreckPuget Sound RockfishWatch Dog
Quillback RockfishPuget Sound RockfishTiger Rockfish
Painted GreenlingBlack RockfishLongfin Sculpin
LingcodPainted GreenlingPair of Gunnels
Shiner Perch Copper RockfishFemale Black Eyed Goby
Male Black Eyed GobyGunnel in a Clam HolePenpoint Gunnel
Crescent GunnelSaddle-back GunnelBlack Eyed Goby
Saddle-back GunnelRed Penpoint GunnelPainted Greenling
Copper RockfishPile PerchShiner Perch
Snake PrickelbacksRockfish at the Geo-DomeCopper Rockfish
SculpinLingcod on the BargePainted Greenling
Irish LordSheepheadRockfish
Copper RockfishSculpin on the ReefGaribaldi
Tree FishRoughback SculpinSpearnose Poacher
Rock SoleSpearnose PoacherHey!
Monkey-Face EelYoung of the Year RockfishMonkey-Face Eel
Rainbow PerchJuvenile Monkey-Face EelJuvenile Blue Rockfish
Giant KelpfishCatalina CongerTree Fish on Echo Wall
Rock GreenlingMale Kelp GreenlingPile Perch
Scalyhead SculpinScalyhead SculpinYellow-fin Rockfish
Mossy-head WarbonnetLingcodCopper Rockfish
Sculpin on the ReefCopper RockfishPacific Herring
Female Kelp GreenlingBlack-Eyed GobyFemale Kelp Greenling
Bait BallFemale Kelp GreenlingBlack-Eyed Goby
Sand LanceDecorated WarbonnetBlack Rockfish
Baby RockfishPenpoint GunnelSculpin
Decorated Warbonnet and RockfishSculpin SpawnSand Lance
Black RockfishSculpin on the ReefBlack Rockfish
Gunnel at SekiuSculpinDecorated Warbonnet
Vermillion RockfishCopper RockfishDecorated Warbonnet
Black RockfishQuillback RockfishRockfish
School of Black RockfishSpiny LumpsuckerSpiny Lumpsucker
Painted GreenlingBrown Rockfish (Sebates auriculatus)Sailfin Sculpin
Spearnose PoacherPainted GreenlingCLose-up of a Tubesnout
Painted GreenlingYoung Quillback RockfishBurried Staghorn
Vermillion Rockfish in Taylor Bay WreckBuffalo SculpinQuillback Rockfish
Black Rockfishwolf eel at 8 inchesButterfly Fish on the Reef
Dragon EelFrog FishStarry Flounder
CabezonRock SoleWolf Eels
C-O SolePenpoint GunnelsSturgeon Poacher
Spiny LumpsuckerGrunt SculpinStaghorn Sculpin
Striped PerchDo you think he can see us?Spiny Lumpsucker
Quillback RockfishCopper RockfishPenpoint Gunnel (Apodichthys flavidus)
Saddleback Gunnel (Pholis ornata)Crescent GunnelPainted Greenling
Camouflaged SculpinSpiny LumpsuckerCamouflaged Sculpin
Lingcod Spiny LumpsuckerPlainfin Midshipman
SnailFishSnailFishSnail Fish
Juvi Wolf Fish on a Flooding CurrentPacific Spiny LumpsuckerSpiny Lumpsucker Swimming
Wolf Eels CabezonCabezon
Cabezon guarding eggsRockfishSnubnose Sculpin
Black and Yellow Rockfish (Sebates chrysomelas)Lingcod at The BossRockfish
RockfishSchool of Blue Rockfish (Sebastes mystinus)Black Eyed Goby
Ling hangin out at MonasteryOlive Rockfish (Sebates serranoides)School of Blue Rockfish (Sebastes mystinus)
RockfishBlack and Yellow Rockfish (Sebates chrysomelas)Angry Lingcod
Flat fish Wolf EelCrescent Gunnel
Wolf Eel Close-Up TextureCabazon sitting on eggsBuffalo Sculpin
LumpsuckerPacific Spiny LumpsuckerJuvinile Painted Greenling
Plainfin MidshipmanJuvinile Kelp GreenlingLumpsucker
Roughback SculpinBuffalo SculpinSailfin Sculpin
Crescent GunnelPenpoint Gunnel (Apodichthys flavidus)Black Rockfish (Sebastes melanops)
SculpinJuvinile Wolf EelLingcod Eggs
Wolf Eel ParentsVermillion RockfishStriped Perch
Sailfin SculpinShiner PerchLingcod Eggs
Close up Lingcod FaceBlack Rockfish (Sebastes melanops)Black Eyed Goby
Wolf eelU lookin' at me (C-O Sole)Tubesnout
TubesnoutStaghorn SculpinNorthern Clingfish
Sailfin SculpinNorthern Clingfish
Juvenile LingcodMale Kelp GreenlingWhite Spotted Greenling
Saddleback Gunnel (Pholis ornata)Buffalo SculpinRed Irish Lord
Snake PricklebackBrown Rockfish (Sebates auriculatus)Rock Sole
LingcodWolf Eel Pair 2Wolf Eel Pair 1
Snowflake Morrey EelStriped PerchSailfin Sculpin
Blackeye GobyLing CodPainted Greenling
MattKelp GreenlingNorthern Clingfish
Red Irish LordLingcodGrunt Sculpin
Fresh Water SculpinFresh Water SculpinTrout
Northern Cling FishRed Irish LordGrunt Sculpin
Grunt SculpinPair of Crescent GunnelsCrescent Gunnel
Ling CodGrunt SculpinWolf Eel
Juvenile Wolf EelGreat SculpinFemale Kelp Greenling
Red BrotulaCopper Rockfish

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