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The Perfect Dive helps scuba divers find new places to go and delivers the information necessary to plan a dive appropriately.

The idea started when a group of eager dive buddies who had recently been certified together discovered the challenge of finding new dive spots. “Where can we go to dive? How do we get there? What’s there to see? What amenities does it have?” Then more specific questions like “Can we dive there at night? Is there a mooring buoy to help us find the spot? Can we collect crab while were diving? Etc. etc.

With those questions in mind, The Perfect Dive was created to let Scuba Divers consolidate their dive sites and experiences to make the sport more enjoyable for everyone. We hope you enjoy the site. Have fun and dive safely!

Here’s some information to help you better understand the website.


Entry Descriptions:

Easy Shore Entry – It is close to the car without any major obstacles or hills to climb and little to no surface swim.

Moderate Shore Entry – There might be a little walk with your gear (100 yards or less), mild hill or surface swim.

Difficult Shore Entry – Take a boat instead if you have one! If not, you’re looking at either a long walk, some climbing over obstacles or up steep hills with all your gear on, potential surf or a horrendous surface swim. Possibly a combination of several of these things. But be of good cheer. If it is marked here, someone has done it before so it’s possible!

Difficulty Rating:

Snorkeling – There is something to see in 15ft of water or less not requiring scuba gear. Good place for kids to splash around or to try out that new mask.

Beginner – The bottom is 30ft deep or less, flat or gradually sloping bottom, and not current sensitive regardless of tides.

Intermediate – Anything up to 60ft deep and/or currents are mild.

Advanced – An area that is known to be current sensitive, there are steep drop offs or tall walls and/or difficult surge or surf. It is recommended to have an advanced scuba certification before attempting these sites.

Technical – Sites that are over the recommended recreational diving limit of 130ft, require special gas mixes or specialized equipment such as in ship wreck penetration or cave diving.


Natural Reefs - Includes naturally occurring structures such as walls or cliffs, caves, coral reefs, pinnacles, or simply interesting rock formations, kelp beds or flat sandy substrates.

Artificial Reefs - Includes features such as ship wrecks, construction debris, tire reefs, pipelines, breakwaters, etc.


 New Sites

Lake Washington - Cedar River
Sunrise Motel & Dive Resort
Coeur d'Alene Lake Stevens Point
North santiam
Dickman Mill Park

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Keystone Jetty
The Murph
Point Whitney
Lake Washington - Cedar River
Rosario Beach - Urchin Rocks
Langley Tire Reef
Octopus Hole
Grain Terminal

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