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Region: USA: Pacific Northwest


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USA: Pacific Northwest - The cold, emerald waters of the Pacific Northwest are a real treat for Scuba diving. This region of the website includes dive sites and galleries in the Puget Sound, Hood Canal, the San Juans, and the Oregon and Washington coasts. Divers in the Pacific Northwest are presented a large variety of life, ample dive locations, and dynamic diving opportunities such as walls, bull kelp forests, drift dives and dive parks.
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 Featured Site

Mukilteo T Dock
Mukilteo T Dock, Mukilteo, WA
Type: Saltwater-OpenOcean
Difficulty: Snorkling, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Entry: Easy Shore Entry
Attractions: 2 Piers and a large Geo-DomeDebris, Structures,

This site is a favorite dive site for open water dive certification classes and makes for a great night dive or deep dive. With easy access, plenty of life and enough structure to be interesting, it also serves as a regular dive site for veteran divers too.

The bottom begins with large rocks and cobble stones until the 15-20' depth where it begins to drop off steeply. Straight out from the entry point there is a large road sign standing, difficult to make out what it once said, and a rope running parallel to shore toward the fishing pier. A little deeper at 50' there is a large geodome structure made of large PVC pipe. The pipes are virtually covered with small invertebrates (Jingles) and provides home to many copper rockfish. A statue of an angel sits in the center.

The bottom continues downward steeply to exceed recreational diving limits.

There is a pier to the right of the entry point where large schools of shiner and pile perch hang out, especially in summer months, and dungeness crab scurry along the bottom. The pilings are covered with mussels and barnacles and provide homes for many small sculpin and other creatures - look carefully!

There is a fishing pier to the left of the entry point heading toward to the ferry dock, best to steer clear of that one.

There is a chance to see nearly anything that lives in the Puget Sound waters, but permanent inhabitants include copper rockfish, bay gobies, pile perch, shiner perch, several types of gunnels, snake prickelbacks and various varieties of flatfish. Keep an eye out for dogfish, skates, nudibranchs, black rockfish and others.

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